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As the new year closes, and I have (nearly) cleaned my apartment, I now reflect on what people say every year- Happy New Year! That’s why I put up this Desktop Wallpaper Calendar: January 2009, something I look forward to every month. It’s almost like “Happy New Month!” It’s definitely not my favorite, but it […]

First, this is where I found the wallpaper. As for as Christmas wallpapers goes, this one is quite nice. More tasteful than man out there. I’ll probably use it again next year, just for these couple days, since I usually use monthly wallpapers. I don’t know what other insights I have had about this say […]

Another late one, due to more computer problems– I know, bad excuse. Halloween Candy Code saves a lot of time, and always get what you want, and not any toothpaste or political propaganda Managing Multiple Freelance Gigs With Mind Maps especially the horizontally-oriented “org chart“ used particularly in MindManager all about sleep, dreams, and […]



Some pictures for Halloween, everyone’s second favorite holiday- at least in the money spending way. Well, not only that. I think we like Halloween because it is a day to let loose, to be who you really are (or how you really are not). You get to be strange, creative. Throw the rules out the […]

Sorry again for the delay, computer problems… and other problems… So here’s a really big make-up, combination of pictures and sites. Fall Calendar Round-Up Part 1 & Part 2 where the calendar on the right comes from ZAP Reader cut & past & read faste (for slower readers like me) Whole Earth Catalog as early […]

Starling Fitness » Back to Weight Watchers very useful Excel spreadsheets for those of us trackers— hang nicely on the refrigerator CyberNotes Humorous Office Pranks and Practical Jokes I especially like the Post-Its— I wonder what the say, if they say anything Why Should Freelancers Use Mind Mapping nearly everyone can benefit from mind mapping […]

Getting a little weird this week… 1. Ask A Biogeek What Are the Unlikeliest Futures for the Human Species 2. Lego Windmill Going on eBay for a Cool $1,700 3. Humorous Office Pranks and Practical Jokes

This is the first of what may be a regular post, like maybe weekly, along with the sites of the week (before or after, something like that.) Sites they came from will (or mostly) but under picture, unless there is none or I was silly enough to forget where it came from. I’m not sure […]

All right, I will admit that I am a little lazy about picking up the mail, and I could go down and get it at least every other day, but I really don’t want to be told (or demanded) to go and pick it up. I think it just further confirms that there are strange […]

Again, I went to the fireworks that happen in the parking lot across from my apartment building. They are a pretty good show, though they could get the timing better. But you can’t expect great wonders from a neighborhood show. It isn’t Rhythm and Booms, after all. I didn’t go there this year, either— I […]