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I just noticed something after hearing the County Fair announcements on the radio. It is that after the 4th, things really start happening—the art fair and Maxwell Street Days, and eventually, the Taste—the big fat finish. I guess, because the days are now getting shorter (though not my much, yet) that summer has met its […]

But listening to them now is different, from a distance of 30 years in the future, hearing what we listened to back then. it wasn’t so difficult to at least get quite a few right, but as I listen, there are songs that I don’t remember—and know exactly why. The others are songs we know […]

TV or not TV?


If I do have to lose a bunch of money, who needs cable TV anymore? That is kind of what I am looking into right now-well, I have been looking into it, but now more seriously. I read this article on my favorite site that said that Hulu has out a desktop program now, so […]

Today— I will not say what time it was— I was jerked away from my sleep by the sound of the fire alarm. So I get up and jammed myself into some clothes and went down to the lobby, like you’re supposed to. Then people started drifting down there as well, until the lobby was […]

Good food for a new year and new you… Fresh Start for a New Year? Let’s Begin in the Kitchen But even in a well stocked kitchen the food doesn’t cook itself… unfortunately. Chocolate, Wine And Tea Improve Brain Performance Can’t have wine, gut I am glad to know that tea and especially chocolate are […]

These are some of the coolest and best things I have found this year, sort of a “sites of the year” thing. I am sure that at least some of them have been around for longer, but I only found them this year, and that is the criteria for this entry. As I went through […]

I know I have put resolution entries up here before, and often I have said that I will not make resolutions, because I don’t need them or find them to be cliche and silly.I’ve never been afraid of not keeping them, I figured I would or I wouldn’t, no reason to let myself sown so […]

As the new year closes, and I have (nearly) cleaned my apartment, I now reflect on what people say every year- Happy New Year! That’s why I put up this Desktop Wallpaper Calendar: January 2009, something I look forward to every month. It’s almost like “Happy New Month!” It’s definitely not my favorite, but it […]

I couldn’t wait for the sites of the week to put this one up: Is it going to rain?. it is sort of like Umbrella Today?,which I see now has cell phone alerts. (I might have put this one in a site of the week, but I don’t remember.) Interestingly enough, they both give opposite […]

It is a holiday, so for some reason I feel like I should blog something. I don’t know why, it isn’t as if this day, at least for me, is no big deal. It’s an eating day, and I’ve never really understood that. Everyone eats every day. And how many “give thinks” like you’re supposed […]