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I couldn’t wait for the sites of the week to put this one up: Is it going to rain?. it is sort of like Umbrella Today?,which I see now has cell phone alerts. (I might have put this one in a site of the week, but I don’t remember.) Interestingly enough, they both give opposite […]

As if I didn’t write enough posts last year about the weather, right? Well, winder has come— not astronomically, but tell that to my thermometer. Last winter was just awful, one day it would snow a foot, then the next it would be nearly 0° or just above or below. Well, I got bent all […]

Tracking Storms and Track Hurricane Ike Stormpulse Hurricane tracking, mapping very useful these days Ask A Biogeek What Are the Unlikeliest Futures for the Human Species Green and Eco-Friendly Search Engines WebEcoist Did you know…? Useful and unusual things to buy: GoodGuide Home check and see if what you are buying is environmentally friendly USB […]

So i was doing something I really hate, but I had to. I walked to the grocery store. That is not the awful thing, though shopping for food is not the greatest thing in the world. But it was raining. Well, at first itwasn’t, really. What it was was strange. On the way there, when […]

It’s around 90— maybe. And there are storms coming around real soon here. It kind of put a different spin on my day— I was going to go out this afternoon, and now I am glad I didn’t. I think ti is going to be a rainy summer. I hate that, but I think I […]

I am sitting here listening to this snow-rain-ice stuff falling. They were saying yesterday that we should prepare for the power to go off at some point. This really got me thinking about it, what people would do without it— especially what I would do with it I did make a previous entry about something […]

I mentioned a few entries ago about how much I hate rain, and how glad I was that I wasn’t out there in it. Well, today was different. I absolutely had to go out. And it was raining all day. I got myself really wet. Well, it could have been worse, I am sure. I […]

I was saying yesterday that I was glad I was not out in all that rain and flooding that was going on, which was true. Well, today made up for it, in a way. If I had just been a little quicker, I might have missed getting rained on on the way home from my […]

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Usually I like says like this. It looks almost like night outside, even though it is only about 6.20pm— and it was already like this once already today. It’s one of those really cool stormy says that I really like. But not this day. It has been raining here for what seems almost like constant […]

not this again


A very long time ago, not so very long after I moved here, the roof of this building started leaking. It happened in several places, I think even the floor of one of the apartments caved in— not when they were there at least. My apartment was one of those that had a leak. It […]