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Got twitter?


I think I am finally beginning to get twitter. I have read a little about it, but I will have to read more to finally understand, I think, if you can understand it completely. I think the best way to understand it is to follow some interesting “tweets” or whatever people want to call them—people […]



About the journal. I usually don’t buy them anymore, though if I find nice ones that I can use for dream journals now I will get it (dream journals are so rare these days, but mentioned that earlier). And this time I did not get the one I had intended, with the tied binding instead […]

It is pretty complex and may take me a while to get used to it. I decided to use this book I have been working on and off again for soooo long, because that is where most of my previously made documents and other such things are. I took the chapters that were in Word […]

So first I will make a sort of setting, I guess, where most of the stuff will be done or is about. Then I will create at least a few characters that will be there for the whole (or at least most of) the story. I give them a sort of base of who they […]

These are some of the coolest and best things I have found this year, sort of a “sites of the year” thing. I am sure that at least some of them have been around for longer, but I only found them this year, and that is the criteria for this entry. As I went through […]

I dont kind where I found this, but I found this: 31 Days to Building a Better Blog. I have also been reading some other stuff, but since this is a “31 day” thing, and December has 31 days, it seems like it is the perfect time. (I will admit that it is the 3rd […]

The Read Green Initiative Lots of real magazine subscriptions in PDF format. 40 Wallpapers Loaded With Color Webdesigner Depot iSerenity – Environments Sounds and images from things you see and hear in everyday life. Mad Science The Best Real-Life Science Fictional Inventions of 2008 18 Ways to be Uber Creative Who doesn’t want to be […]

Comprehensive Firefox 3 Add-on Compatibility Report Alternative uses for plastic bags – Green Daily If you can use it once, why can’t you sue it twice? Online Storage Online Storage Feature-by-Feature Comparison Chart always useful stuff from Lifehacker. I’m sort of changing my service… And some writing stuff: Write or Die Dr Wicked’s Writing Lab […]

I have found two writing related things online that kind of break things out of the box. They help challenge the way I do things, sort of force me to do the work in one way or another. I put both of them in my last “sites of the week” entry, but I thought I […]

First these— Memiary kind of like what you do with a 5 year journal, put in 5 things that you did today another example of words as art Then some wallpaper (I might make a big wallpaper entry soon). I would use them, but I use my calendar of the month. 8 GTD Wallpapers […]