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15 Tips to Restart the Exercise Habit (and How to Keep It) Index Card Hacks Why don’t they make vertical index carts, anyway? The Ultimate Guide to Freezing Food BookBump cool way to make a database of what you have and want to read Wikis WikipediaVision (beta). Anonymous edits to English Wikipedia (almost) in real-time […]

I was listening to a program on the radio the other day. There was a woman that came on the show- a writer- who, at the encouragement of the interviewer, read a poem. I never noticed that that was really irritating. So I did 2 things:turned off the radio and wrote this in my notebook. […]

Now they call it Halloween It is a fun time They dress in costume Children beg “trick or treat!” To get little bits of candy. But so much of What they call Halloween came from so long ago When the human race was still somewhat new. Then, the years were different Measured by harvests and […]



My home Is the night, with the moon and the stars to keep me company. My home is a tree, with the wind to blow the leaves around. My home is where the peace is easily kept- easily and without question. My home is where I don’t need wings to fly or eyes to see. […]

In the meantime we wait. There are about three or four of us. We’re waiting to get in. And getting in is very important. THE END. THE BEGINNING. First, we were born. Then we lived. Then we died. Now we’re here-waiting. Waiting to get in. And getting in is very important. We watch the others […]

Windy music Blows cool and luscious Produces love With raw blues Essential to me Sleep light In spring Dream of the moon Shadowy and dark Tiny in the sky Will it rain Flooding my place Fast water Mean summer day Moments of our life together Falling through time. 20 July, 1999 Old poem-. this one […]

Short Story- Strange I watched them all from a high peak. The earthquake was over. But there were a hundred of them all in a very straight line. There was a large, deep hole in the earth life after the earth stopped shaking. They were all in a beeline, moving toward the chasm. They were […]

The earth is a magnet The earth is full of chaos The earth is melting The earth is drowning The earth is on fire The earth is crumbling The earth is shaking itself The earth is losing its skin The earthy has holes The earth has towering peaks’ The earth has plants and people The […]



Last night I dreamed I was a cell Just one cell It was peaceful Just being one cell Calm and quiet No other cells around To bother me Or make life complicated No crowd of other cells Buzzing around No pressure to be An organism- A liver or a kidney or skin For instance No […]

Watching old TV shows From when I was young Gives me flashes Of relaxing in that Vacuum packed Air conditioned Freezing cold Shield against the Seething hot Fried eggs on the sidewalk Melting humidity Thick dark curtains Pulled closed against The bright light And cruel Miami heat We kept the place Like a human storage […]