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a-twisted-fairy-tale      Pumpkin Boy was assigned this year to go out and find the best pumpkin for his family. His father would carve it up for Halloween, his mother would use the insides for a pie on Thanksgiving, and they would roast the seeds by the fire and eat them for a special snack.      So Pumpkin […]

Short short story      “Tell the truth.”      “If I tell you the truth, you’d be surprised.”      “So what happened? Tell me. Tell me true.”      “You think you’re so funny, don’t you?” What happened last night to make you get there so late?”      “it wasn’t all that interesting, really.”      “so then you have no reason not to […]

     I walk around on the ground. It is soft and moist. Around me the water feels good. It surrounds me like a comforting pillow. But it moves with me. It is cool and comforting.      I wander for hours. I watch the fish that swim in shallow waters that are light. In the deeper waters where […]

A Little Lost


     On the way home I found that things looked different. Very different.      was on the wrong road, going the wrong way. I didn’t know where I was. I figured if I kept going, eventually I would find the right way.      But where I was walking became very dark, too dark. Eventually, all I could see […]



     I hesitated. I wasn’t sure if this was where I was supposed to get off. Someone else had pulled the cord. This was good. If we sat there for a second, or two, I could see if this was my stop.      I sat on the edge of my seat, holding the pole with both hands. […]

The Code


     There is this red headed woman who gets on the bus at the stop after mine. She wore jeans and a different shirt e3very day— and this awful yellow hat.      She sat in the side seat by6 the door. In the morning she fell asleep about ten seconds after she got on and sat down. […]

Slap Happy


     I look out my office day after day. I see the building across from me. I look and watch and think while I eat at my desk. Every day I see what goes on.      Another person is sitting in his chair eating his lunch, probably watching me watching him.      A cleaning woman vacuums an office […]

     It started raining. I didn’t have an umbrella, and was about to be miserable.      Then this man came up next to me and grabbed my hand and started pulling me somewhere. I slipped a few times. He was pulling me too fast.      When he finally let go, we were in some kind of shack far […]

     Yesterday, the sun came up four hours before usual. The world began to spin in reverse. The moon began the slow decent toward the earth. People ran into the streets screaming, “The world is coming to an end!”      The power went out. The wind began to blow fast and dirty. The air turned brown. All […]

I dreamed…


     “I dreamed every night since the day I turned eighteen. Most nights I remembered more that one.” The old woman said to one of the nurses.      They were in the common area of the home. A man who was visiting a relative overheard her statement. He turned to the conversation that was going on at […]