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Rico Clusters: An Alternative to Mind Mapping I think I tried something like this once, but I didn’t know what it was called Happy National Chocolate Day as if we need a reason! Masters of Invention and this one, which I don’t really agree with parts of: Thomas Edison versus Nikola Tesla: Who is more […]

I’ve got a couple of things that for some reason I don’t want to make separate entries for. 1. register crash Here’s something I didn’t know— I am at one of the grocery stores that I go to frequently, checking out. Well, there were these two guys that were talking forever, and I thought it […]

Windows Vista Weblog Understanding Differences Between Hibernate and Stand By I’ve always wondered exactly what that was all about, but “sloop” was not mentioned, and my computer has that option. I guess hibernate is good enough— hut I hate it! The 4 easy steps to losing weight and How to love the foods you hate […]

TipBin tog cloud Internet World Maps – Visualize Web Across Countries & Continents The do-it-yourself guide to converting a pocket-sized, ruled Moleskine notebook into a custom weekly planner and task management system.more fun with Moleskine— also an illustration to see the details, and this for the symbols Cheapest Days to Shop I have also read […]

Yet Another GTD Moleskine Hack this is quite complicated, at least to me 404 Error Pages: Reloaded Oh…why can’t they all be like this? The 8 Most Needlessly Detailed Wikipedia Entries especially note the word counts OnMyList You can never have enough lists, right? I especially like things that confuse me Wallpapers— can you ever […]

Who’s goals?


I have been using Joe’s Goals for about a week now. The really interesting part is the tag cloud (I lone tag clouds), where you get to see how other people are doing at the same goals as you, and even get new ones for yourself, maybe that you have thought of, and some that […]