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Today— I will not say what time it was— I was jerked away from my sleep by the sound of the fire alarm. So I get up and jammed myself into some clothes and went down to the lobby, like you’re supposed to. Then people started drifting down there as well, until the lobby was […]

Sorry again for the delay, computer problems… and other problems… So here’s a really big make-up, combination of pictures and sites. Fall Calendar Round-Up Part 1 & Part 2 where the calendar on the right comes from ZAP Reader cut & past & read faste (for slower readers like me) Whole Earth Catalog as early […]

Starling Fitness » Back to Weight Watchers very useful Excel spreadsheets for those of us trackers— hang nicely on the refrigerator CyberNotes Humorous Office Pranks and Practical Jokes I especially like the Post-Its— I wonder what the say, if they say anything Why Should Freelancers Use Mind Mapping nearly everyone can benefit from mind mapping […]

Getting a little weird this week… 1. Ask A Biogeek What Are the Unlikeliest Futures for the Human Species 2. Lego Windmill Going on eBay for a Cool $1,700 3. Humorous Office Pranks and Practical Jokes

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So tonight I did a load of laundry in the laundry room of my apartment building. Not any sort of big deal (the big deal was that none of the washers overflowed, especially the one that I was using, as they sometimes do). At the end of this process, picking them out of the dryer […]

So i was doing something I really hate, but I had to. I walked to the grocery store. That is not the awful thing, though shopping for food is not the greatest thing in the world. But it was raining. Well, at first itwasn’t, really. What it was was strange. On the way there, when […]

A little while ago I found out about this thing called polyphasic sleep. I don’t remember exactly how I came to it, just linking fro somewhere else. I have only read a little about it, and there is one other (or a couple) article I want to read, but it is a bit more complicated, […]

This one has been up for a while. What it says, in case it is a little hard to read, is: Please do Not leave the door open, not even a crack. Be sure to Close the Door Quickly behind You so that the Cat does not escape. Thank you. I think that this was […]

Ergotron make your workstation fit you— standing and sitting Ten tips for your grocery list. Some more obvious, some less obvious Do you know yourself? a sot of quiz from the Happiness Project— something to think about Japanese man documents the life of a vending machine it is fascinating to know that there is someone […]

At about 6.55pm, I was listening to the radio. I was flipping around, as I do, looking for a station that had a song on that I wanted to hear before I turned on the TV for too long tonight. I get to one station and hear something strange— the CD was skipping like records […]