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TV or not TV?


If I do have to lose a bunch of money, who needs cable TV anymore? That is kind of what I am looking into right now-well, I have been looking into it, but now more seriously. I read this article on my favorite site that said that Hulu has out a desktop program now, so […]

As if I didn’t write enough posts last year about the weather, right? Well, winder has come— not astronomically, but tell that to my thermometer. Last winter was just awful, one day it would snow a foot, then the next it would be nearly 0° or just above or below. Well, I got bent all […]

It is a holiday, so for some reason I feel like I should blog something. I don’t know why, it isn’t as if this day, at least for me, is no big deal. It’s an eating day, and I’ve never really understood that. Everyone eats every day. And how many “give thinks” like you’re supposed […]

All right, I will admit that I am a little lazy about picking up the mail, and I could go down and get it at least every other day, but I really don’t want to be told (or demanded) to go and pick it up. I think it just further confirms that there are strange […]

what give thanx


Another one of those holidays that I hate, that is really named wrong. I might have done this rant before, but that is too bad, I am going to do it again. Thanksgiving is not about giving thanks. if there is any giving thinks, it is done within two seconds out of some obligation, because […]

This one is a tiny rant. I know, I do this too much. The other elevator is broken now, the one in the back of the building. This is normally not a big deal, but I do have to go back there sometimes— like tonight. It’s laundry night, and the room is in the basement […]

I was saying yesterday that I was glad I was not out in all that rain and flooding that was going on, which was true. Well, today made up for it, in a way. If I had just been a little quicker, I might have missed getting rained on on the way home from my […]

not this again


A very long time ago, not so very long after I moved here, the roof of this building started leaking. It happened in several places, I think even the floor of one of the apartments caved in— not when they were there at least. My apartment was one of those that had a leak. It […]

I don’t know why this is happening except that it is some kind of conspiracy to torture me. What is happening is that it seems like every mechanical item in my apartment is deciding to break nearly all at once. Okay, first the easiest but perhaps the most just plain irritating- the fan in my […]

Just when we thought the rant about this building was over, something else had to come along and cancel that ides. This sign went up in the middle of May, I am pretty sure. It says that they’ll fix it in 2-3 weeks, but I know that it has been longer than that. It is […]